Monday, January 16, 2012

Spotted Tutorial:: DIY Glitter Streamers!

Welcome to our first tutorial in a new series that we have just started! We are putting together step by step instructions for DIY party and wedding details. To kick things off, we will walk you through the very simple instructions to make your own fabulous glitter (or any other pattern) streamers. These would look amazing as a cake or dessert table backdrop too!

Supplies needed::

- 1 large hole punch (I used a 2" circle punch)
- Invisible fishing line (I used Seaguar's invisible fishing line ~ from Home Depot)
- Glitter paper or any preferred color/pattern card stock (I used card stock from Michael's)
- Super Glue (I prefer super glue because it dries quickly and holds heavy card stock well)

Once you have all your supplies together, punch several circle cut outs. You will need two cutouts to create one circle on your streamers, so punch out an even number.

Next, lay one cutout face down and hold the fishing wire in the center. Put a drop of glue in the middle and then dot the glue around the edges to make sure the pieces stay together. Take a second cutout and lay it on top of the cutout with the glue so that your streamers are two-sided and sparkle no matter what direction they twist.

And that's it! Easy and gorgeous. Make several strands of the same color or alternate colors on the same strand. Enjoy! 


  1. This looks like fun and totally do-able! Thanks for the inspiration!:)

    1. Thank you, Jillian! Check back often for more DIY tutorials!